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Feeders are a hugely unrecognised phenomena.  There is a horrible movie made a number of years ago that explored feeders from a classic video-nasty perspective. But the phenomena of feeders is quite, quite real.

Think about it - those morbidly obese people who are trapped inside their homes, and often confined totally to bed because of their size must be getting their food bought, cooked and fed to them by someone.

All those "someones" can be divided into two primary groups. Those who profit from the morbidly obese person's feeding habits, for example, the pizza delivery company, the local takeaway, and those that love the morbidly obese person.

Some of these feeders may, of course, have their own thing going on in the form of a fat fetish, but this is the least likely explanation, all things considered.

These people who feed are the enablers, the people who enable the behaviour of self-destruction and wrap up the enabling behaviour in love and profit.

With the super-obese, the identity of the feeders and enablers is usually obvious. What about you? How many enablers do you have in your life?

It might be the happy guy at work who arrives with doughnuts for you or the person who insists that you have another slice of cake. It might be the relative who puts on the best spread of food for you to show you how much they love you. And they expect you to eat it, in order to show how much you love and appreciate them.

These enabling activities are usually dressed up with generosity and love, but the effect of this is dreadful. They may love you, but they are killing you.

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